Survivalite is a company with decades of experience designing and manufacturing integrated window and door solutions that offer proven protection against a wide range of natural and man-made threats. As our list of milestones and recognitions demonstrates, we lead the industry in introducing ground-breaking advances in storm protection.

  • 1990s: Introduced the first hurricane window certified by Dade County, Florida early in the decade
  • 2003: Survivalite under new ownership
  • 2005: Received architect award for renovation of Cadillac Marriott hotel on Miami Beach
  • 2009: First company in industry to pass FEMA EF-5 testing for a glazed door
  • 2010: Completed FEMA EF-5 testing for window – first company with a FEMA storefront
  • 2012: Introduced first FEMA EF-5 glazed product tested per ICC 500-2014 (8-foot double doors)
  • 2012: Introduced first FEMA EF-5 glazed window wall tested per ICC 500-2014
  • 2012: Introduced first FEMA EF-5 glazed window with thermal break
  • 2017: Completed FEMA EF-5 tornado testing for windows per ICC 500-2014 (7 sq. ft. up to 40 sq. ft.) – first company with FEMA ICC 500-2014 storefront

Certifications are issued by third-party labs on completion of rigorous environmental testing. Documentation is available to architects and contractors upon request.

Notice of Product Certification

One of the changes instituted by ICC 500-2014 is the requirement for an independent quality agency certification of compliance with all requirements. This is spelled out in FEMA 361-2015. We use the National Accreditation and Management Institute, Inc. They also visit factories regularly to validate compliance, inspect extrusion material, and inspect our quality plan and quality logs.

Click Here to view Notice of Product Certifications for our ICC 500-2014 windows and doors.