Hurricane Protection

The first storefront tested to the new FEMA hurricane shelter requirements – Level E compliant

Many companies offer hurricane protection. But there’s a big difference between a Category 1 hurricane with 39 to 73 mph winds and a category 5 hurricane blowing at or over 157 mph. Citadel Storefront solutions with hurricane protection protect your structure against tropical storms up to and including 210 mph Category 5 hurricanes.

To meet new FEMA requirements for public shelters, our system is new certified to protect against 210 mph winds. In testing, our windows withstand the impact of a 15-lb 2-by-4 traveling at 100 mph while passing the hurricane test requiring 9,000 pressure cycles up to a 210 mph wind loads.

The glazing's internal polycarbonate layer is bonded to the glass with a patented adhesive process to ensure that even if the glazing breaks, every piece of glass—no matter how small—remains locked in place. Keeping the structure and its occupants safe from harm.

 St. Charles Emergensy Operations Center

St. Charles Emergency Operations Center


  • Also offers forced entry, ballistic, and explosion protection
  • Designed to survive 210 mph winds (Category 5 starts at 157 mph)
  • All glazing uses the Saf-Glas patented system
  • Door manufactured using 6006-T5 aluminum; window manufactured using 6063-T6 aluminum with thermal break; both available in a variety of finishes
  • Window dimensions can be either horizontal or vertical
  • Doors are compatible with electronic activation devices

Testing and Certifications

Design tested per  Florida hurricane guidelines:

  • Static negative pressure: ±300 psf
  • Impacts with 9-lb 2x4 at 50 fps
  • 9,000 cyclic wind pressure testing

Design fully certified to Dade County hurricane standards:

  • 210 mph hurricane shelter (per ICC 500)
  • Large Missile Impact Test per FBC, TAS 201-94 (ASTM E1886)
  • Cyclic Wind Pressure Loading per FBC, TAS 203-94 (ASTM E1996)
  • Air Infiltration Test, per FBC, TAS 202-94 (ASTM E283-91)
  • Uniform Static Air Pressure Test, Loading per FBC TAS 202-94 (ASTM E330-97)
  • Water Resistance Test, per FBC, TAS 202-94 (ASTM E331-00)
  • Forced Entry Test, per AAMA13021 and ASTM F588