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Introducing a new Citadel Storefront System partner

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Survivalite Impact Window Systems is pleased to announce the formation of a new strategic alliance with Capital Glass & Mirror of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Capital Glass & Mirror will manufacture Survivalite’s highly-rated Citadel storefront windows, and has developed and tested our second-generation glazed door system.

Our new partnership with Capital Glass & Mirror, along with our on-going relationship with SAF-GLAS, allows us to offer storefronts capable of surviving the most stringent hazards man or nature can throw at you. Our Citadel storefront system fortifies your structure, making the “glass” the strongest point of defense in your buildings rather than the weakest.

Build your next structure with the second-generation Citadel storefront system. It’s much cheaper to build it right the first time than to lose business rebuilding after disaster hits.