Tornado Protection

Citadel Storefront solutions with tornado protection secures your structure in the face of an F-5 tornado. It features the only FEMA tornado door in the industry that opens with a push bar. Each door panel incorporates a full-length piece of glass to maintain the traditional storefront look.

Our tornado protection design: 

  • Features a proprietary two-point latching system (top and bottom only)
  • Fully activates with Sargent panic bar
  • Offers double doors that open a full 8 feet without a center mullion

Our Citadel door system was designed to meet the new 500C FEMA shelter requirements for hurricane and tornado shelters. We successfully tested the same double doors first to FEMA F-5 tornado standards, then to full FEMA hurricane shelter (210 mph), then forced entry requirements. 

Pinella County Emergency Responder Building

St. Charles Emergency Operations Building
Hahnville, LA


Exterior Window and Door Size Constraints


  • First glazed storefront in industry successfully tested to FEMA 361 guidelines
  • All glazing uses the SAF-GLAS patented system
  • Door manufactured using 6006-T5 aluminum; window manufactured using 6063-T6 aluminum with thermal break; both available in a variety of finishes
  • Window dimensions can be either horizontal or vertical
  • Each door leaf is equipped with an Sargent Panic bar exit device
  • Doors are compatible with electronic activation devices
  • Window has 4-inch profile; door has 5 ½-inch profile

Testing and Certifications

 Design tested per FEMA 361 guidelines:

  • Design pressure: ±300 psf for 10 seconds
  • Impacts with 15-lb 2x4 at 100 mph (2 for window, 7 for door system)

Design fully tested per ICC500 storm shelter requirements:

  • Large Missile Impact Test per FBC, TAS 201-94 (ASTM E1886)
  • Cyclic Wind Pressure Loading per FBC, TAS 203-94 (ASTM E1996)
  • Forced Entry Test per AAMA 1304