Survivalite was the first windo to pass the emerging Dad County hurricane standards after hurricane Andrew Citadel Products 5000 Series Window

Citadel Storefront System

Survivalite Impact Window Systems is proud to present an integrated storefront system that can protect your building from hurricanes, tornadoes, forced entry, and explosions in an attractive, easily installed package. It can even work for you, producing clean energy to power your building.

A storefront, consisting of the frame, glazing and the entry door, is only as strong as its weakest link. The Survivalite Citadel Storefront System is an integrated storefront system that has no weak points. Whether you’re facing bad guys or the storm of the century, the Citadel Storefront System ensures there is no weak link in your defense.

Survivalite was the first company to offer a commercial storefront certified to withstand both the terrific forces of an F-5 tornado and a Category 5 hurricane. Our second-generation Citadel Storefront System adds a thermal break to the windows and meets new FEMA hurricane shelter requirements. And if more down-to-earth threats are your concern, it also provides up to Level IV ballistic protection and significant protection against explosions, all without resorting to unsightly bars or roll-down barriers.

You get everything from a single supplier, it all works together, and it looks great. It can also be installed without recourse to skilled labor or, in the case of existing structures, high-cost scaffolding. Complete, affordable protection with the option of adding green energy production makes the Citadel Storefront System a clear choice.


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Survivalite Impact Window Systems: a proven pioneer in window protection and security

Hurricane Andrew hit Miami, Florida, 20 years ago and forever changed the way we look at glass enclosures. A year later, Survivalite manufactured the first window approved by Dade County (Miami) for protection against these monster storms. Only ten years later, Survivalite became the first storefront provider tested to survive tornados. At the time we were told we were wasting our time trying to test a glazed tornado door, but we believed in our product, passed every test, and brought an industry-first product to market.

Along the way we learned that it takes a team of the best to be the best – no one company owns all of the expertise. We picked the best glass company, SAF-GLAS, and the best door company, Enviralum, to form our Citadel Storefront System. Scroll down to learn more about the specialties provided by each of these important team members.

Whether the problem is storms, forced entry, explosions or bullets, the protection your enclosure needs is provided by the Citadel Storefront System, a fortress against the enemies of glass.

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The Citadel Storefront Team

Because no one company is the best at everything, our Citadel Storefront System has pulled together a stellar team of the industry’s best companies. Survivalite Impact Window Systems already had the best framing system – the first certified by Dade County after Hurricane Andrew. We transformed this into an EF-5 tornado window by adding an additional product-specific reinforcement piece. Our window frames are manufactured by Capital Glass of Baton Rouge, LA. They are a large manufacturer and installer of storefronts, shower doors, mirrors and windshields, and provide the manufacturing scale required to keep prices low.

We then added SAF-GLAS – hands down the best glazing company in the world. When every glazing company around the globe was invited to go head-to-head for the rights to bid the addition to the Amsterdam Museum, only SAF-GLAS was totally successful at preventing any access to the building (see video here). The EF-5 glazing is only ¾” thick (prior to IGU) and is virtually clear (70% visible light transmutability). A game-changing development is the EnergyGlass™ system, a patented optically clear transparent glass system, with no grid lines, that collects and produces energy from any light source and can be simply integrated into building window designs to produce electricity.

We then partnered with Enviralum, makers of the strongest hurricane doors on the market today. We used our tornado experience to help strengthen this door to EF-5 standards and added SAF-GLAS glazing. Because it’s manufactured on the same line as their hurricane projects and installs just like a hurricane door, it is the most affordable and easy to install tornado door on the market today. And, of course, they still provide cost-competitive hurricane doors as well.

Our team of the best companies in the glass industry offer you the very best products, knowledge, and service at truly remarkable prices.

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